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Available Fragrance Oils

8th & Ocean
Aloe & Green Clover
Amber Romance
Ancient Sedona
Apple Cinnamon
Apple Orchard
Apple Struddle
Autum Fig Harvest
Avocado, Cilantro Lime
Bahama Vacation
Banana Cabana
Banana Nut Bread
Bartlett Pear
Beneath the Stars
Berry Flirt (BBW Type)
Birthday Cake
Bite Me
Black Cherry
Black Cherry
Black Cherry BOMB
Black Rose & Spice
Blue Agave
Blue Winter Sky
Blueberry Muffin
Blushing Orchid
Butt Naked In Bed
Buttercream & Snickerdoodle
Cactus & Sea Salt
Candy Corn
Cantaloupe & Lily
Caramel & Honey
Caramel Apple
Cashmere Type
Chai Tea
Cherry Almond
Cherry Blossom
Christmas Spice
Cinnamon Peppermint Crème
Cinnamon Sugar
Clean Cotton
Clean Laundry
Coconut Butter
Coconut Crème Pie
Coconut Lemongrass
Coconut Lime Verbena
Coconut Lime Verbena
Coconut Pumpkin Latte (BBW Type)
Coconut Water & Pineapple
Cream & Honey
Cream Cheese
Crisp Juniper
Cucumber Mint
Dark Crystal
Dark Kisses (BBW Type)
Dark Rich Chocolate
Delphi Junction
Dragon Blood
Dragon Moon
Drops of Rain
Egyptial Musk
Endless Love (VS Type)
English Ivy
Femme Fatale
First Snow
Flame Tree
French Lavender Honey (BBW Type)
Fresh Mint
Frosted Lime Cupcake
Fruity Pebbles (x2)
Georgia Peach
Green Coconut (LUSH Type)
Hawaiian Butter
Hawaiian Hibiscut (BBW Type)
Holiday Candy
Holiday Pomigranate
Honey & Patchouli
Island Oasis
Island Spa (Yankee Candle Type)
Japanese Cherry Blossum
Jasmine Vanilla (BBW Type) (x2)
Juniper Sage
Lavender Apple
Lavender Mint
Lemon Crème
Lick Me All Over
Lime Basil Mango
Linen Breeze
Love Spell (VS Type)
Mandarin Coconut
Mango Madness
Mango Peach Salsa
Midnight Pomegranate (BBW Type)
Mint Chocolate
Monkey Farts
Mulled Cider
Night Violet
Oatmeal, Milk & Honey
Orange Chiffon Cake
Oudh Wood
Peach Cilantro
Pear Berry
Peppermint Fluff
Pina Colada
Pineapple Paprika
Pink Sangria
Pink Sugar (VS Type)
Pistachio Macaroon
Pistachio Pudding Cake
Plantation Pineapple & Mint
Poison Apple
Pumpkin & Brown Sugar
Pumpkin Muffin
Pumpkin Pie
Raspberry Zinger
Red Delicious Apple
Roasted Oatmeal Stout
Rosemary Mint
Rosemary Pepper (x2)
Sea Salt (x3)
Secret Island
Sleigh Bells
Southern Peach
Sparklint Mint Blossum (BBW Type)
Spicy Plum Pudding
Stormy Nights
Stress Relief
Sugar Plum Fairy
Sugared Strawberry
Sun Kissed Chocolate
Sunshine on My Mind
Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin
Tea & Cucumber
Tonka & Vetiver
Vanilla Cream
Vanilla Oak
Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow (BBW Type)
Vermont Honey
Warm Vanilla Sugar
Waterblown Cotton
Watermelon Punch
White Chocolate
White Magnolia
White Tea & Peach
Wild Cherry
Wild Currant & Sandalwood
Wildberry Scone
Wintery Candy Apple
Woodland Elves

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